About Us

In Memory of Rowena (Mama Row) Burrill

Rowena Burrill was a local baker who worked as a housekeeper in the 60s around Ashland. The Bushey family was one of her first clients who she brought freshly made donuts to every week.  Rowena became known around town as Mama Row with her move into full time baking for local diners. Her mentorship and recipes shared with others is now a part of our bakery named after her in tribute to her contributions to our town and training others in creating wonderful bakery products.

Under her wings many people in the Ashland area learned kitchen operations and baking skills.  In the late 60s and early 70s, restaurant owners Irene Chandler and daughter Chris employed Mama Row and Chris continued   Mama Row’s legacy for many years as a local baker.

Now retired, Chris assisted the current owners in re-introducing many of Mama Row’s recipes to new generations of Ashland area citizens who never knew Mama Row, but may have known the legacy of her recipes (especially the donuts)!

 Some Notables Between the Burrill and Bushey Families:

  • Rowena spoiled the Bushey children on her famous donuts
  • Ray Bushey was one of Row’s son Jimmie’s clients in his teenage car-detailing business
  • Mama Row worked here in this building built by John Bushey
  • Mama Row taught Kevin Bushey his first 3 chords on guitar

Mama Row Bakery is the fourth Bushey/Garrity family business in this building


Coming to Visit the Ashland Area?

Whether you’re coming to hike Deboulie Mountain, hit the snowsled trails, attend snowsled races, or just come to relax around the area lakes, we’ve got you covered.

Stop in or call ahead for your fresh donuts, Wicked Joe coffee and comfort foods to get you through your day!

Conveniently located on Route 11 and at the entrance to the North Maine Woods, Mama Row Bakery is your must stop destination for home baked goods and fresh sandwiches.

We’ll even pack your selection for you to take on your adventure in the area!